Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Chair of Destiny

As it is often said, "People spend one third of their lives in their beds. That's why the quality of the bed is very important." Maybe the phrase was made by a bed seller. But, in my opinion, it is true not only for beds but also chairs.

I spend much time in my chair: reading books, checking e-mails and websites, writing e-mails and weblogs, and sometimes learning English. I mean to say, I spend over one third of my holidays in my chair. But my chair is not suitable for my body. Its surface is hard; therefore, I placed a cushion on the surface. But I felt uncomfortable because the thickness of the cushion touches my thighs. It means that I spend over one third of my holidays uncomfortable.

Some days ago, I decided to buy a new and comfortable chair. Then I thought about the kind of chair I want. The points are: suitable for my desk, being equipped with many adjustable parts, and fitting my body.

I went to the biggest furniture shop in Osaka city, because I wanted to check a variety of chairs as possible. The furniture shop is in a former upscale hotel that went bankrupt and was bought by the furniture shop. I was very content shopping in such a large, calm environment . I sat on fifty different kinds of chairs and enjoyed fifty kinds of feelings.

It was not difficult to meet "the Chair of Destiny", which is suitable for my desk, being equipped with many adjustable parts and fitting my body perfectly. But, as it might be expected, I realized that the chair's comfort was directly proportional to the price. The price of the chair was twice the amount my budget. But I think nothing compares to the chair, so I bought it.

After all, it didn't take much time to choose witch chair, but it took a lot of time to choose the color of the chair.

my chair

The chair: Okamura Contessa