Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nishinomiya City Kitayama Green Botanical Garden

I visited the garden with my wife, son and in-laws. One of my new-year-resolutions is "to walk around my town Nishinomiya", this visiting is part of them.

Shukugawa river

Shukugawa river in front of the Garden is very small because the garden is located in the middle of a mountain.

Mountain cherry tree

Mountain cherry tree near the entrance gate.

Weeping cherry tree

Splendid weeping cherry tree.
In Japan, in the first week of April, many people gather near cherry blossom trees to appreciate them, so sometimes you miss a place to look at cherry blossoms because of congestions.
I learned if I visit this garden in the third week of April, I can appreciate the cherry blossoms without congestion.

Veronica flowers

I found pretty flowers named Veronica. The name reminded me of Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney because they composed an excellent song of the same name.

Pansy and tulip

Decent pansy and unique tulip.
I think that one of the good points of this garden is the staff have good sense to mix such breeding flowers with wild plants.

Chinese monument

This monument was presented by Shaoxing City of China, which is a friendship town of my town, Nishinomiya.



Japanese-style lodge

Japanese-style lodge for official guests from foreign countries.

We enjoyed many beautiful flowers in this compact garden at the best season for flowers.
I think that this garden is good for families because not only do they have pretty flowers but they also have a their kitchen garden and free spaces for relaxing and having lunch.