Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 2009 resolutions

1. Health
Take no day off due to catching a cold.
Concrete plan: I will go to my fitness club 1.5times in a week on average. The frequency helped me keep in good condition last year.

2. Learn cooking more
Concrete plan: Learn how to cook meals suitable for a sick person.
Last year I increased my ordinary menu from two to five to help my wife who looks after our one-year-old son. My wife appreciated that, but her imperative needs is that I can cook meals for her when she is sick.

3. Study and research for my family's future residence
Concrete plan: Making study sheet for as follows:
(1) Which is better purchase or rent?
(2) What is the best plan to manage money for residence for us?
(3) What are the important points for selecting good residence for us?

4. Select one theme and study it for this year.
This is Peter Drucker's method. I am learning his self-management method from my company's textbook, so I would like to bring in his good system.
What should I study? I want to know a theme which is concerned with politics. Last year, when I read a book (Robert B. Reich "Supercapitalism"), I thought that we should take part in politics more. In particular, the Japanese under 40 generation, including me, politicians became less interested in their policies for younger citizens, because of the voting rate of this generation.
I think to study about tax system, one of the important parts of administration.
Concrete plan: I will make summary sheets of this study and show them to my friends (sorry, in Japanese)

5. Become to be able to play a tune on piano
Concrete plan: I upload my play to web.
My ambitions through my life are making my English and playing piano better. I got TOEIC score of 825 last year, I think that it meant my English step was up (even I know my English is not enough) . Next, I take turn of piano. I will continue learning how to play the piano.

6. Keep TOEIC score above 800
I would like to keep my English ability, even though most of my free time will be taken for some other studies and learning the piano.

7. Speak more slowly than now.
Sometimes my Japanese speaking is too fast to understand.
Concrete plan: To become to speak at a normal speed and for my friends to admit that in December.