Saturday, August 01, 2009

Top tunes on my iPod in July, 2009

1. Perfume / Oneroom Disco ("oneroom" is a Japanese English word – it means bed-sitting room for young single person.)
2. Perfume / I still love U
3. Perfume / Dream Fighter
4. Perfume / The best thing
5. Yuzo Kayama / Tabibitoyo (To a traveller)
6. Perfume / Kiss and Music
7. Perfume / Negai (Wish)
8. Bach, J.S./ Inventions No.1 in C-maj. BWV 772
9. Bach, J.S./ Inventions No.10 in G-maj. BWV 781
10. Cornelius/ Beep It
11. The Monkeymind You Cube Band/ Dying Message
12. Perfume / NIGHT FLIGHT
13. Perfume / Zero Gravity
14. Perfume / Speed of Sound
15. Bach, J.S. / Inventions No.8 in F-maj. BWV 779
16. Bach, J.S. / Inventions No.13 in a-min. BWV 784
17. Bach, J.S. / Inventions No.14 in B♭-maj. BWV 785
18. Bach, J.S. / Inventions No.15 in b-min. BWV 786
19. Bach, J.S. / Sinfonias No.3 in D-maj. BWV 789
20. Bach, J.S. / Well-tempered Clavier Book1 No. 6
21. The Monkeymind You Cube Band / To Classical Future
22. The Monkeymind You Cube Band / I Will Hold You Soon

Perfume is a Japanese techno-pop idle group. I am a 38-year-old man, I am not attracted to them by their looks, but by their music. All of their music is composed / produced by Yasutaka Nakata. He created young, keen and easy-to-understand melodie with complex sounding arrangements. No.1, 2 and 3 are the best tracks for me in the new album.

Yuzo Kayama is a famous actor in Japan; he appeared in Akira Kurosawa films. On the other hand, he was also a talented singer-songwriter especially in the 60s. For his short autobiography appeared daily in July's newspaper the I read, I downloaded his songs from the iTunes Store. My favorite is No.5

Many of Bach's Inventions made me feel cool because of their decent melodies and clear piano sounds.

The Monkeymind You Cube Band is amateur, but I take to their album. It is the third amateur band album in which I've found attractive points in the album.