Sunday, November 01, 2009

Top tunes on my iPod in October, 2009

1. Tetsuro Koyama + Ni! / Kanji-te goran 2
2. Perfume / Oneroom Diosco
3. Paul McCartney / You Gave Me The Answer
4. Radiohead / Creep
5. The Bangles / Manic Monday
6. The Beatles / Taxman (2009 Mono Remaster)
8. Falcom (Yuzo Koshiro) / The Morning Grow
9. Yes / Owner of a Lonely Heart
10. Ryuichi Sakamoto / to stanford (live_2009_3_28)
11. Ryuichi Sakamoto / bolerish (live_2009_3_28)

Writing proper sentences in Japanese, you have to learn nearly 100 phonograms and over 1,000 kanji(ideograms which originated in China)! Japanese elementary pupils in the second grade learn 160 kanji. No.1. is a unique song depending on its lyrics which consist of all the 160 kanji. And more, its melody, composition and performance are all charming for me. I envy the second grade pupils these days.

2. was in my heavy rotation after experiencing their live performance. 5. is my jogging music in this month. 6. is the result of listening to Beatles Mono Remasters again and again. My most favorite in their mono album is Revolver. 6. is the first song of the album. 8. was a video game music in the 80s. Despite poor music spec of PCs at that time, this tune featured an interesting gimmick: the bass line gradually changes the drum line. 9. is also an old 80s song and I couldn't understand their tunes. However, I understand its intrinsic value now because of my friend who lent me the album this month.