Sunday, October 30, 2011

iPhone4S Siri vs Me

I purchase my new iPhone(4S) and enjoy it, in particular, Siri(voice control personal assistant).
But my poor English confuses her.

These are my results:

Me "What is the weather of today?"
Siri "What is WeDah?"
My second try - Success

"Search for Paul McCartney"
"Such for Paul McCartney - Sorry, I don't understand"
I tried five times but failed...
"Tell me about Paul McCartney" - success

"Where is Nishinomiya(my hometown)?"
"You are always there and I'm here."(I forget Siri's exact sentences)

"Show me the way to Tokyo"
"Sorry, I cannot provide maps and direction services in Japan"

"Which do you like iPhone or Android?"
"I don't understand [Do you right]"
"Which do you like iPhone or Android?"
"It's on you, not me."

"You are excellent"
"I don't like such arbitrary sentence."

"Who are you?"
"I don't know. If you go Genius Bar you may know that."

"Sing Daisy" *cf. the movie"2001:A Space Odyssey"
I tried several times but failed.
ex. "Seeing Daisy","Think Baby", or something.
"Sing a song Daisy"
"I don't understand "Sing-a-song Daisy"

She is one of my teacher of English conversations.