Thursday, October 01, 2009

Top tunes on my iPod in September, 2009

1. The Beatles / Long Tall Sally
2. Beethoven, L.V. / Piano sonata No.30, 1st motive by Glenn Gould
3. CRAZY KEN BAND / Tenya Wanya Desuyo
4. Van Halen / You Really Got Me
5. L<->R / Chokusen Cycling
6. L<->R / Younger Than Yesterday
7. Elvis Costello / No Action
8. namco (Nobuyuki Ohnogi) / MAPPY
9. Oasis / Don't Look Back in Anger
10. The Beach Boys / God Only Knows (Stereo Mix)
11. Berg, A. / Piano sonata No.1 by Glenn Gould
12. L<->R / (I Wanna)Be With You
13. Monkeymind You Cube Band / Metaphor
14. Perfume / love the world
15. Radiohead / Everything In Its Right Place
16. Radiohead / Airbag
17. Ryuichi Sakamoto / opus

When I listened to music this September, the songs were almost all The Beatles' stereo remastered versions, which were released this month. But their play counts were dispersed, so only one Beatles song is in my chart, because they made many fabulous songs. As a result, the top tunes in my chart are my jogging music: 1,3,4,5,7,8,12and 16.