Saturday, June 11, 2005

Strawberry Field Forever

News sites said that Strawberry Field, in Liverpool, is to be closed within several months. That is the orphanage that used to be John Lennon's playground, that became famous from The Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields Forever". The entrance gate is also memorial place for Beatlemania.

I have been to the place three times, and have unforgettable memories, especially from 1990. When I went the orphanage, its wall block was under reconstruction. Then, a workman approached me. He passed me a block, said, "Put it in the wall". He helped me make a special memory that was that I put a block in Strawberry Fields. I was deeply moved and appreciated his action.

So, the news reminded me of this memory and I thank the workman again. After it closes, "Strawberry Field will be forever", for me, thanks to this memory.