Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My iPhone home screen

(Comments for English available apps) (From Top and Left)

-In the mood: Posting the music you are listening to on Twitter.

-RunKeeper: Tracking automatically your jog pace, time and distance ,etc. and playback of your selected playlist for jogging.

-Mercury: Web browser. It is easier to select tabs with than Safari and features many other gimmicks which Safari doesn't have available.

-Read It Later: Listing websites to read them later. My everyday habit is (1) On the commuter train, checking over 70 blogs by RSS Reader on my iPhone (mention at below article about Reeder) (2) Registering important or long articles are registered by Read It Later on my iPhone (3) At night, checking the articles listed by Read It Later on my PC at home.

-Simplenote: Text editor on cloud (allows editing anywhere: with iPhone, my office PC or my home PC) I use it for my ToDo list, my memorandum book, etc. As for cloud notebook, many people think Evernote is the best. In my opinion, it is excellent as the web clipper (it can make copies of websites on the Note) but not good as a text memo. Because Evernote doesn't feature "plain text" format (this application changes fonts, line feeds and line spaces of your plain text article without asking - it is irritating.)

-Reeder: RSS reader. It can be used to download new articles of your registered blogs automatically, you don't need to visit your interested blogs to check new articles. Many RSS readers are released at App Store, I choice Reeder because of its speed of download (therefore you are able to read articles when you are at non-internet-connected areas, for example in subway lines) and its intuitive design.

I admire iPhone for many reasons, in particular, for its possibilities: it is constantly evolving with such excellent apps.